The B string was started by Mike and Tammy Bennett,
April 17, 2007 as their “dream store”.

After 30 years of playing and working on guitars, Mike and Tammy decided that  a small neighborhood guitar store would be a good fit with the Arts District. (they were right), as guitarists have come out of the woodwork in response to the streets latest addition. Part of the reason is , Mike and Tammy are very friendly people. The other reason is  Mike is a talented musician and expert guitar tech / historian . He is a Certified Fender Tech and generally knows more about guitars than just about anyone. Mike has the admiration and respect of every guitarist that knows him.

Having played professionally for the last 34 years, Mike has a handle on any style or approach to the guitar, as his interests in music are as diverse as his selection of guitars. A recent gig had him traveling with his band to Washington DC to open for the Derek Trucks Band.


  • The “B”string is a friendly neighborhood guitar shop that offers:
  • A hand-picked, eclectic selection of guitars and amplifiers that changes weekly
  • Teaching/Lessons
  • Repairs and set-ups- fine tuning of your instrument- B caters to the working musician.
  • All accessories for every type of guitar.

About Mike “B” Bennett

Mike Bennett started playing at age 14 years old. He went on to college where he was a music major (heading the guitar department) One of his teachers was a jazz saxophonist and opened Mike to the way jazz players look at melody and soloing.

Of course he did the garage band thing and night club thing and has played virtually every style of music at one time or another. He plays like a session player, as he can handle any style. This accounts for why, so many guitarists have signed on for lessons with him.