The B-string Guitar Shop

Welcome to the best little guitar shop in Winston-Salem, NC
Located: 560 North Trade Street, in the Arts District


Welcome to the “B” String:

a friendly Guitar Shop In The Arts district in Downtown Winston Salem, N.C.

“B” (who is a professional musician) has curated  a wide selection of vintage and new guitars and amps. Call us at (336) 734-1800

After 30 years of playing and working on guitars, Mike and Tammy decided that  a small neighborhood guitar store would be a good fit with the Arts District.

The B string was established by Mike and Tammy Bennett, April 17, 2007 as their “dream store”.


Visitors to the B-string shop. You may know some of these folks!

Featured Items

Guitars and amplifiers. Come down to our shop. Everyday, new pieces arrive and some of the great ones go out fast. Don’t miss out.
Mike “B” has expertise and a great eye for unique and special items; he is looking as a player with 35 years experience. Contact him.

Happy Customers

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Dan Virgillito

Interior Designer

“Mike and Joe are simply the most knowledgable and helpful guys around; I specifically needed help with parts and the setup for my 1964 Gretsche White Falcon. It plays better than ever."

Mal McMurphy